Honouring Matt



The majority of Jeremie White’s paintings are now commissioned by private collectors. Not the usual art snobs, but people who understand in their gut when they like something. Jeremie is an artist that can capture a likeness while maintaining an energy in his brushstrokes. You look at his work and you can tell the artist enjoyed painting them.

Many people have a strong connection to a favourite player, team or sport. The foundation of this website was built upon paintings Jeremie White did for his own home, before the commissions from collectors. It started when he did a few oil paintings to compliment his own collection of sports memorabilia. His wife is a fan. She suggested they dedicate a room to it and they originally called it: The Sports Room. The room is in perpetual change, the souvenirs and artwork have evolved into what the artist’s children call “Dad’s Museum” or simply: The Hockey Room.

Do you have a family member who made it to their city championships? Did they have a long pro career or have had some minor league success? Commission Jeremie White or one of our other artists to honour an athletic accomplishment.

Shown: Matt Pettinger underpainting and detail of finished painting – commissioned by the Pettinger family.